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Information about buying mobile phone accessories in the UK

Brightmobile.com specialises in accessories for all types of mobile phones from the old to the latest. We know how important a mobile phone is to everyone from the occasional user to the international traveller.  We have been in the accessories industry for 8 years now and have the advantage of knowing what is what when it comes to finding you the right accessory for the right phone.

Sometimes consumers go on to buy the latest handset which will make them stand out in a crowd or maybe to impress someone for their next date but this can be a nightmare when they can`t find a charger or case that fits best for their new phone therefore it is always advisable to check with us about what accessories are available for the handset you are looking to purchase.

Mobile phone accessory packs are good value because you receive a bundle of accessories for a fraction of the original price and even if you think that you won`t use an extra accessory inside your pack it might be useful to a dear friend who will be able to make use of it if they or maybe even your partner has the same type of phone.

Antennas ensure you achieve the best possible signal from your network to gain the best call quality. We have replacement antennas always in stock especially for Motorola mobile phones where there is a common problem of the antenna being unscrewed and being lost. The other problem with stub antennas is that sometimes a child or dog leaves marked after chewing your mobile phone antenna. This is where we can help you find the correct antenna for your phone to help you continue communicating with your friends, family and even your business associates.

Batteries are the essential part of the mobile phone to ensure power is always available for you to be able to use it. With old phones the battery usually lasts approx 1 year before the battery starts to lose its charge quickly. We stock replacement mobile phone batteries for old and new mobile phones. Sometimes it can get you a little confused about which battery fits my phone but all you need to do is contact us if you require any further information or help in finding the correct battery for your mobile phone.

Bluetooth products are the latest craze. A Bluetooth usb dongle can help connect your phone to your pc and then you can copy your favourite music and videos onto your phone if supported by your model of handset. Driving whilst using a mobile phone in the UK is prohibited and is against the law. Wireless Bluetooth headsets are very popular as the hands free kit allows you to make and receive calls with a supported mobile phone.

Our BT Telephone accessories are very popular because Brightmobile has telephone extensions for use in your home or office as sometimes if you need to move your phone or add another telephone socket with a 2 way or 3 way telephone adapter. We also stock broadband kits for your telephone socket to be used for dial-up internet access.

Car Chargers are essential because you could run out of battery at anytime if you forget to charge your phone the previous night prior to a meeting or even when you need to make or receive that important phone call. Power is essential even when travelling on a long journey. We stock car chargers for all makes and models of mobile phones. We have seen cheap and nasty mobile phone car chargers on the internet and in some shops where it is either not CE approved and/or it has poor quality finish with a very thin flex cable on them. Brightmobile always ensures it stocks a high quality product and making sure we offer you the item at the best price possible.

Data Cables can be used for synchronising your phone to your computer or copying your media to and forth from your mobile device. We stock usb data cables for a variety of mobile phone companies so please check our product catalogue today.

Digital Weighing Scales are available in different sizes and have different measuring limits including 150 grams and 250 grams. We have a wide choice of digital scales, which also some people refer to as digital pocket scales, lightweight and high quality as you will be able to see from the website.

Brightmobile has the everyday Electrical Accessories including the 13amp electric plug which is used in the home and office throughout the UK. Check out the electrical section for more ideas on our electrical range of products.

Imagine driving down the motorway and listening to your ipod through your vehicles` speakers. We have an ipod fm transmitter which delivers you the output of your ipod through your car speakers. We have a quality range of iPod Accessories including ipod chargers which are very popular as anyone can lose it anywhere with modern day busy lifestyles and the demand for ipod car chargers has increased since the Nano version was launched because it’s a very small and compact music player that some people can`t live without.

We hold over Mobile Phone Mains Chargers for over 200 different types of mobile phones. Our Nokia chargers are amongst the most favourite phone chargers then comes Samsung followed by Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens and so on. Please contact us if you require any help in finding the correct charger for your phone.

SD Memory Cards are used mainly for digital cameras. Trans flash which is also sometimes called micro sd is very popular in being used as an external memory for increasing your mobile phone memory. Micro SD cards are also a favourite even with Nokia mobile phones.

Phone Holders are available in different types depending on how heavy, shape and size of the phone. You can find small magnetic mobile phone holders which are popular and really neat and also are universal but some users might want to try our windscreen sat navigation type mobile phone holders which stick onto your windscreen saving you the time and bother of looking for that dashboard space.

We supply mobile phone Repair Equipment to trade customers for phone repair and phone unlocking. Our sales representatives have a wealth of information and solutions for unlocking, flashing and phone repairs. We can supply phone repair tools for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other major manufacturers. Flashing a phones` software will enable you to also upgrade the phone software of a handset and depending on the solution we give you it will also unlock your phone if necessary.

I`ll just elaborate on phone unlocking and phone unlocking for you. When people say they want a phone unlocked then they are probably looking to release the phone lock to enable the handset user to use more than one network sim card, perhaps an Orange phone deal you have for cheap texts doesn’t work at home etc and you want to use a Vodafone sim card with lots of free calls say at the weekends or in a place which isn’t covered by the Orange network. You would then be looking at having your phone UNLOCKED.

On the other hand, if you haven’t paid the pay monthly bill or have found a phone perhaps in nightclubs then the chances are your handset will be blacklisted from use or in simple means it is BLOCKED. All blocked phones can be unlocked but even when you get it unlocked it will accept a sim card from another network but it won’t make or receive calls therefore its highly recommended you check that the handset works perfectly on the original network prior to paying for it to be unlocked. This will save your hard earned cash. Phone unblocking isn`t possible but searching for a phone to be unlocked is possible and sometimes even over the internet and by using unlock codes.

Sim Cards are available for all UK networks including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, 3 Three pay, Orange and Virgin mobile. All our simcards are pay as you go (payg) meaning exactly what you top up with is what you can use. Whilst surfing it’s always advisable to check which network is more suitable for you. Remember it’s always cheaper to call the same network operator. Example it will be cheaper calling your friend from a Vodafone simcards if your friend is also on Vodafone than using an Orange prepay sim as it might otherwise cost you up to 50 pence per minute.

I hope that the information on this page helps you find the right accessory for you phone saving you wasted hours searching through the internet which has no end and no start; it’s a forever never ending world. Welcome to the world of high quality mobile phone accessories.